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PMCO – Executive Project Management (ExPM®) Certification Exam Preparation


The Professional Project Management (ProPM®) Certification Exam is designed to test:

-       Your Knowledge and Experience in Leadership Theory and application

-       Your Knowledge and Experience in Project Management

-       Your common sense in project leadership and project scenarios

-       General project management practices

-       Your ability to apply common project management knowledge to project scenarios

-       Your knowledge of project management formulas and tools.


The Exam – What to Expect

The exam format will be 200 multiple choice questions, based on applicable terms, scenarios, tools, techniques and formulas. The exam will test your knowledge, and application of project management principles and leadership principles, There is no trick questions or “mostly” right answers. You might find some questions difficult, but be assured there is only one right answer. There is a time limit to the test, so your knowledge needs to be complete to work through the questions on tools, techniques, and formulas in a timely manner. Due to the format and online nature of the test, it will be open book and notes. However, do not make the mistake of thinking it can be passed by the use of your book or notes there will not be sufficient time. Project Managers have access to all of the tools necessary to do their job, so the Associate Project Management Certification exam is done with that spirit in mind.


Training Course Program Outline and Duration (25 Training Hours including Practical Exercises)

Day 1: (Five Hours): Introduction & Initiation Phase

-       Understanding Organizations

-       Leadership

-       Leadership Styles

-       Leadership success

-       Teams and Team Building

-       Project Management Office (PMO)

-       Project Management Basics

-       Project Management Principle Knowledge

-       The Project Roles

-       The PMCO Project Management System

-       Project Management as A Function

-       General Inputs of Project Phases

-       Create Project Charter Process

-       Project Selection Methods

Day 2: (Five Hours): Planning Phase

-       Project Management Planning Process

-       Create Project Work Plan Process

-       Scope Management Planning Process

-       Scope Definition Process

-       Resource Management Planning Process

-       Acquisition Management Planning Process

Day 3: (Five Hours): Cont’d Planning Phase

-       Schedule Management Planning Process

-       Define Tasks and Durations Process

-       Estimate Task Resources Process

-       Create Schedule Process

-       Cost Management Planning Process

-       Estimate Costs Process

-       Create Budget Process

Day 4: (Five Hours): Cont’d Planning Phase and Execution Phase

-       Quality Management Planning Process

-       Communications Management Planning Process

-       Risk Management Planning Process

-       Stakeholder Management Planning Process

-       Change Management Planning Process

-       Manage Project Work Process

-       Manage Human Resources Process

-       Quality Assurance Process

-       Manage Changes Process

Day 5: (Five Hours): Controlling Phase & Closing Phase

-       Monitor and Control Project Works Process

-       Monitor and Control Scope Process

-       Monitor and Control Human Resources

-       Monitor and Control Acquisition Process

-       Monitor and Control Schedule Process

-       Monitor and Control Cost Process

-       Monitor and Control Quality

-       Monitor and Control Communication Process

-       Monitor and Control Risk Process

-       Monitor and Control Stakeholder Involvement

-       Monitor and Control Change Process

-       Close Phase or Project Process

-       Close Acquisition Process

-       The Ethics of Project Management


8000 Saudi Riyal


Eligibility Requirements:

The Executive Project Management Certification is designed specifically for the certification of experienced project management leadership. The application requires verifiable experience in project management for 3 years, as well as leadership experience of 3 years. Eligibility requirements are vetted through your completed Exam Application.


ExPM Certificate Validity:

-       This certification is valid for three years without continuing education or membership.

-       Certifications are valid indefinitely with continued membership and 8 hours of continuing education yearly.

-       Continuing education can be any other course relevant to project management, management, or leadership including other PMCO certifications.

-       Continuing education classes need to be entered in your profile for review.

-       Individuals that wish to reinstate their certification without continued membership or continuing education may retake the test (full retail) at the end of the three years.


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