Mr. Mohamed Hosny Atteya

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Mr. Mohamed Hosny Atteya

International Trade & SWIFT Training Expert



 “BPO,TSU, MT798( new trade for corporates messages) & MT101 cash & liquidity management for corporates” Expert.

 Date of birth:23 jan 1962

International trade & SWIFT training expert at the ICC.Saudi Arabia (Council of Saudi Chambers).

Member of the MT798 working group at SWIFT, maintaining & developing the new MT798 sub-messages for corporates.


Bc. Of commerce  

from helwan university –EGYPT 1983

     Banking  diploma

    from chartered institute of bankers-LONDON 1995

     Certified documentary credit specialist  (1999)

     from: IFS learning /London  &                                       

               International chamber of commerce/PARIS   

 Certified S.W.I.F.T. training partner  1999-2012

  Member of the International Chamber of Commerce / Paris Speakers Bureau from Sep.2010 to Jun.2012.

Member of the MT798 working group at SWIFT, maintaining & developing the new MT798 sub-messages for corporates.


Previous work & experience

  • 30 years in the banking operations and training field detailed as follows:
  • From 1985 till 2002 at banque du caire /cairo working in:
  • Trade finance services (import &export operations)
  • Funds transfer & cash management 
  • Banking education (training & courses designing ) delivering banking operations training programs  at the Egyptian Banking  Institute/EGYPT(central bank) and to most  of the central banks of  Arabian countries west Africa and Eastern Europe.
  •  SWIFT certified training expert ,at S.W.I.F.T. Belgium from 1999 till 
  • Part time instructor at the American University of Cairo     from 1999 till 2003 delivering courses at CACE in import  and   export operations & financial services .
  • From 2003 till end of october 2007 worked in the Saudi
  • Arabian  Monetary Agency / Riyadh ( the institute of   Banking) managing and Delivering trade services & SWIFT training  Programs.
  • From november 2007 freelance trade finance & SWIFT expert , designing & delivering the Trade Finance &  programs.
  •  From Sep.2010 till Jun2012 joined the ICC.Paris Speakers bureau 
  •  Training expert at the ICC.Saudi Arabia ( Council of Saudi Chambers) from Sep. 2010 till now.
  •  Training expert at the ICC. Jordan from Jun.2012 till Dec.2014.

 List of the training program that I personally design and deliver worldwide:

Trade finance & services training programs:
  • Incoterms2010 the masterclass
  • Foreign trade operations
  • Principals of international trade for non-specialists
  • UCP 600 the masterclass
  • The art of documents examination according to UCP600&ISBP745
  • The effects of incoterms2010 on documentary credit issuance
  • The latest disputes in documentary credits
  • URBPO Masterclass Training
  • Trade Based Money Laundering for trade specialists 10- Trade Based Money Laundering for non-trade specialists.

SWIFT training programs:

  1. Introduction to SWIFT
  2. SWIFT messages used in funds transfer (stage 1beginners)
  3. SWIFT messages used in funds transfer (stage 2 specialists)


Al Imam Saud Bin Faysal Rd,

As Sahafah District,

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia




T +966 11 2753915

F +966 11 2751602



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