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تعد شهادة الـ ®CAPM إدارة المشاريع للمبتدئين حديثة من حيث العمر، حيث أطلقها المعهد العالمي لإدارة المشاريع في عام 2003. صممت خصيصاً لحديثي التخرج ولكل من هو مقدم على سوق العمل على أن يستهلوا طريقهم المهني ببداية قوية.



Secondary degree

  • 23 hours project management education without professional work experience



Secondary degree

1,500 hours of project experience


Learning How To:

  • Study PMBOK
  • Project Management Knowledge, Tools, Techniques, and Formulas
  • Manage Exam Timing
  • Reading Exam Questions and understanding the Senario

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Phase 1: CAPM Training Course

Training Program will cover the ten knowledge areas interaction with the five Project Management Processes Groups based on PMBOK Study Guide fifth edition and (CAPM®) Exam Blueprint as follows;


Day 1 : Project Framework and Integration Knowledge Area;

             Learn Project Management Framework, and How to tailor your Project Management Plan, How to select projects, How to manage and lead project works, and monitor and control project works, and closing project or phase…


Day 2 : Project Scope Knowledge Area;

Learn How to Define Project Scope Statement, WBS, WBS Dictionary (Project Scope Baseline)…


Day 3 : Project Time Knowledge Area;

Learn How to develop Project Schedule (Time Baseline), Calculating Critical Path, calculating the early and latest of start dates, early and latest finish dates of project activities and entire project…


Day 4 : Project Cost Knowledge Area;

Learn How to Determine Project Budget (Cost Baseline), and Using Earned Value Management (EVM) To measure and calculate project schedule and cost variances. Forecasting Project Schedule, and Calculating TCPI…


Day 5 : Project Quality Knowledge Area;

Learn how to plan for quality, perform quality assurance, controlling project quality, theories and methodologies of quality management, seven basic tools of quality planning…


Day 6: Project Human Resources Knowledge Area;

Learn How to Plan HR Management Plan, Staffing Management Plan, Acquire, Develop, And Manage Project Team Members…


Day 7: Project Risk Management Knowledge Area;

Learn How to develop Project Risk Management Plan, Identify Risks, Assessing Risks Qualitatively and Quantitatively, Plan Risk Responses, Control Risks, and how to consume from contingency reserve to response for risks happened…


Day 8: Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area;

Learn How to Make Decisions of procurement, Contract Types, Risks Associated with Contract Type, and Calculating Total Point Of Assumptions for CPIF and CPIF Contract Types…


Day 9: Project Communication, and Stakeholder Knowledge Area;

Learn how to plan for project communication, stakeholder engagement, calculate communication channels in your project …


Phase 2: CAPM Exam Simulation


  • “(CAPM®) Exam Simulation Report” which includes the trainee average score of the 9 (CAPM®) Simulators, and the trainer recommendations for strengthening the weaknesses presented in the report for enhancing the trainee capability to pass the (CAPM®) Exam from first try


Phase 3: CAPM Tutoring Session


  • The Trainee will attend 3 Days of CAPM Exam tutoring Session for strengthening the mentioned weaknesses areas seen in the “(CAPM®) Exam Simulation Report”.



5500 Saudi Riyal


How to Pass CAPM Exam ?


Deal with “CAPM Exam Preparation Training” as a project!  

CAPM Certification is your key to boost your project performance effectively. Expertpath Training Center has initiated this customized (CAPM®) Exam Preparation Project applying both Expert Path expertise and international best practices based on Project Management Institute PMI®.


Our (CAPM®) Exam Preparation Project divided into 3 Phases as follows;


Phase 1: Training Hours:  Nine Days (27 Hrs.)

  • Training Start Date: Sept., 20, 2015
  • Finish Date: Sept., 26, 2015
  • Training Time: (6 pm – 9 pm)
  • Training Material: Hard Copy and Soft Copy


Phase 2: Simulation Hours: Nine Days (27 Hrs.)

  • (CAPM®) Exam Simulation Start Date: Sept., 27, 2015
  • (CAPM®) Exam Simulation Finish Date: Oct., 05, 2015
  • Trainee will sit for nine (CAPM®) Simulators - Online, each Simulator is 3Hours / 150 Question


Phase 3: Tutoring Hours: Three Days (9 Hrs.)

  • Tutoring Start Date: Oct., 06, 2015
  • Finish Date: Oct., 08, 2015
  • Training Time: (6 pm – 9 pm)
  • Trainer will held a remotely tutoring session with the trainees to strengthening the weaknesses areas stipulated in the final simulation report issued by the trainer dated 5th, 2015

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