Workshop of (Organizational Excellence) for employees and affiliates of the overall education of Riyadh quality management

Date: 2015-12-07

 Expertpath Consulting Sponsored a (Organizational Excellence)  Workshop for employees and affiliates of the overall education of Riyadh quality management and hosted by Dar Al Uloom University at its headquarters in Riyadh, where the workshop aimed to give participants an overview of the evolution of the concepts of quality down to organizational excellence, and a review of global corporate excellence models, and explain the basic concepts of organizational excellence and drop it on Education Excellence Award.

The workshop saw a great reaction from the audience, where Dr.Hussein al-Qurashi led the workshop, he is Chairman of Experts path consulting company, and he explained the historical development of the concept of quality and access to organizational excellence and also national and global models of excellence during the workshop


It is worth mentioning that the experts path  consulting company is one of the leading consulting companies in Saudi Arabia, which is working to provide advisory services in the administrative aspects of the business consulting and technology management companies. Established in 2006, where the company has led a number of high profile projects in the awards management and models of organizational excellence make them enjoy a new reputation in Saudi Arabia, including the support of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia for the application of commercial and industrial standards of excellence first under King Abdul Aziz Quality Award name as a stage of During the award secretariat of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality, also the Advisory Award King Abdul Aziz Quality first courses, second and third, and the application of European Award Criteria EQA and emanating from the European Organization for Quality EFQM on a group of SABIC companies and their partners (ExxonMobil and Salanez and Mitsui) through internal comparison project to learn best practices Internal Benchmarking for Best Practices, and the preparation of development plans for these companies, and management self-assessment process Self-Assessment SABIC Marketing Ltd. using the European model of Tmiz.o work with Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Award for Preaching and mosques Secretariat in the eastern region for the preparation of standards, manuals and regulations marketing support and implementation, working with Prince Salman Award Secretariat of Young Businessmen to do the evaluation of the field of candidates from institutions and individuals and supportive organization. The experts path Co., Ltd. rehabilitation residents internal and supervision of the self-assessment process in accordance with the standards of excellence of the General Organization for Military Industries

The experts path company is seeking through their participation in these events, to enhance and dissemination of quality  in educational sector in the kingdom and the development of the fundamental concepts of excellence culture.

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