Expertpath Company Limited (EXPERTPATH) is has worked intensively with Mobily since 2007. Mobily spent billions to spread its network all over the Kingdom but was unaware of the detailed management information of its assets. Efficient management of these assets was essential to ensure the most cost effective and economic use of this major investment and also to maintain the operational standard and functionality of the assets throughout their life-cycle.  EXPERTPATH formed Asset Management Unit (AMU) in Mobily to provide full control of Assets and maintenance information required to Mobily departments. Asset Management Unit was formed to achieve the following goals:

  • Manage all Stages of Assets Lifecycle
  • Realize Synergies from single-system approach across multiple functions
  • Comprehensive data base
  • Assets tracking and historical records
  • Improve responsiveness and support to O&M
  • Categorize and prioritize assets based on criticality
  • Enhance capital utilization
  • Interlink Assets Management to Financial Platform

In order to achieve above goals, EXPERTPATH started its mission from Physical Count. Primary objective of Physical Count was to conduct asset tagging, physical verification and reconciliation of assets that were recorded in the books of Mobily against the actual physical count. Achievements of Physical Count were:

  • Asset tagging
  • Translate information in excel format (softcopy)
  • Develop Microsoft Access Database for data repository
  • Reconciliation of assets recorded in the books vs. physical count
  • Uploading of information in Oracle Fixed Assets Module
  • Preparation of final report for the physical count

Once Physical Count Data was uploaded in Assets books of Mobily, they needed an Asset Management Solution for Planning, Building & Acquiring, Commissioning, Operating & Maintaining, and Retirement & Disposal of Assets in the books of Mobily. As Mobily was already using Oracle E-Business Suite for Finance and HR therefore EXPERTPATH decided to Implement Oracle Asset Management Lifecycle (ALM) solution which would be fully integrated with existing Oracle E-Business. The ALM solution consisted of following Oracle Modules:


1.1.1          Project Management

This module provided Mobily with a common methodology for all new projects.  New assets were identified at the point when a new project identified the required Bill Of Materials (BOM)

1.1.2          Sourcing & Contracts

This module integrated with the PM module and provided common, automated procedures for the Contracts Department to manage RFI’s, RFQ’s, Tenders & POs fully based upon the original data used by the PM.

1.1.3          Property Management

This module integrated with the rest of the ERP and provided an automated system for managing the large and wide ranging tasks required for Mobily property needs.

1.1.4          Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

The role of EAM was to:

  • manage all phases of Assets Lifecycle (Cradle to Grave
  • track and record all asset history
  • control asset movement, replacement and relocation
  • maximize resources required for maintenance
  • provide essential and accurate Financial data for Accounting purposes e.g. Capitalization of Assets, Depreciation, Insurance, Tax etc
  • enable performance monitoring of outsourced maintenance contracts
  • provide geographical Information System to rapidly identify inventory by site ID
  • maximize resource availability for maintenance (Spares & Manpower)


1.1.5          Geographical Information System.


In Addition to ALM Solution EXPERTPATH also implemented Geographical Information System (GIS). The Capabilities of GIS were as below:


  • Based on the ESRI system and ARC applications to plot all sites on a digital map of KSA.
  • Capability to access the Oracle database, by geographical coordinates, for all site asset data.
  • The GIS scope also provided PDAs with for maintenance tasking and data collection


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