is the integrated set of actions an organization takes to create competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving external business environment. Our Strategy Practice has the tools, experience, expertise, and insights to support clients achieve their ambitious visions.

Our consultants help companies develop, and implement winning strategies, offering support and capability building at the following areas of expertise:


Corporate strategy:

 We help organizations improve their strategic planning processes and overcome the barriers preventing them from reallocating resources effectively.


Business unit strategies:

 Effective strategy for business units requires making proprietary decisions about where to play and how to win. The goal is to enable a business to reach its full economic potential.


Sustained growth strategies:

 Only one in 10 companies succeeds in achieving sustained growth. We help clients grow by defining and focusing on their core business. We do this through:

  • understanding the sources of their current growth and benchmarking this growth against best practice companies.
  • Then, we help clients to find growth opportunities hidden within overlooked adjacent markets and customer segments.
  • Finally, we help them to allocate the right resources to those opportunities.


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